Large Cupcake Applique

Large Cupcake Applique
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I created the large Cupcake, and just loved it, and decided it would be perfect for a Towel Topper in my kitchen, so have included a smaller Cupcake Towel Topper for the 5x7 hoop.

Our Large Cupcake is made in 3 hooping’s - joined easily in-the-hoop like a Jig-saw.

You can use the larger designs to add to pre-made items – Toaster/Mixer covers etc, or by themselves as place-mats, or, use some of the great Cupcake Fabrics you can get, and add them to a quilt.

Finished Size

8x10 hoop

8x8 hoop

6x10 hoop

5x7 hoop

30 by 36cm

22 by 27cm

27 by 33cm

19 by 23cm

12 by 14.5 inch

9 by 11 inch

10.5 by 13 inch

7.5 by 9.5 inch


Cathy used our Large Cupcakes on her Apron and Oven Gloves

 Cupcake Apron  Cupcake Oven Gloves

Our Fantastic Faye made this gorgeous Reading Pillow

Cupcake Reading Pillow

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