Large Iris Applique

Large Iris Applique

Large Iris Applique

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As requested!!  Our Large Iris is made in 4 hooping’s  - joined easily in-the-hoop like a Jig-Saw so no intricate aligning problems

Finished Size

8x10 hoop

6x10 and 8x8 hoop

5x7 hoop

37 by 38 cm’s

25 by 28 cm’s

21 by 24cm’s

13 by 15 inch

10 by 11 inch

8.5 by  9.5 inch


Once you have created your Flower you can add them onto a pre-made item, - sweatshirts – tunics, cushions, Shopping Bags, Towels etc.  The larger designs would be great on Quilts.

How stunning are these?

 Stitched by Debra

Debra Silver black bearded iris

 Stitched by Chris

Chris Iris

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