Dress Up Daisy

Dress Up Daisy
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Are you constantly looking for ideas for Birthday/Christmas Present for a little Girl? - This set is for you!!

Daisy comes with 8 complete Outfits for hours of quiet fun - Finished Doll is between 12 and 16 inches high

This set was so fun to create and stitch - I could have gone on and on designing outfits for Daisy.

The Girls and I had a great time playing, and choosing fabrics, so Imagine the fun a little one will have dressing Daisy for all her adventures!

Finished Size

6X10 hoop (160X260mm) 5X7 hoop (130X180mm)
9 by 16 inches 7 by 12 inches
22 by 41cm  17 by 31 cm

Daisy is created in our Large Applique Technique - Multiple Hoopings which are created and joined in-the-hoop, like a jig-saw.  

This creates a stunning Large Applique.   FULL photo Step-by-step Instructions are included

6X10 Daisy

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