Large Double Dresden Applique

Large Double Dresden Applique
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One Design, two very different styles.   Our In-the-hoop Double Dresden is made in 5 hooping’s - joined easily in-the-hoop like a Jig-saw to create a stunning large size design.

  • 5x7 hoop creates a 10-inch Double Dresden
  • 6x6 hoop creates a 12-inch Double Dresden
  • 8x8 hoop creates a large 15-inch Double Dresden

For our Christmas Topper, we used 20 different Christmas Fabrics scraps, and omitted the extra Quilting.  With the Sunflower Design, we used One Fabric to show off the Quilting. 

I can’t wait to see what you all do with this design.  By itself, it makes a stunning Placemat, or Table Topper, or could add it to Tote Bags and Cushions.   I would like to make a few different sizes, and add them to a pieced Quilt, to create the ‘wow’ factor.             

  • If you have editing software, I am more than happy for you to add your own designs to the centre, to create unique Placemats for yourself.

I’ve constructed the design, so it can be completely reversible – I use Cutaway Stabiliser as a backing, but you could easily use a pretty fabric, and create two Toppers!  (You’ll need to use matching Bobbin Thread if you want the Topper to be reversible)

Click here to view stunning samples created by members of our Group

Patricia used pretty Easter Fabrics and Designs for her Easter Double Dresden

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