Crazy Patch Notebook Cover (In-the-hoop)

Crazy Patch Notebook Cover (In-the-hoop)
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PLEASE NOTE - These Notebook covers fit the A5 and A6 Notebooks, a Notebook sizing which is used 'worldwide' apart from the USA.

Sorry, I was not aware of this when I released this Design.

I have been asked to re-size for the US Composition Notebook, but unfortunately at a length of 93/4 inch, I cannot fit this in a 6x10 Hoop.

A5 and A6 Notebooks are available on-line at Walmart or Staples, but I understand they are quite pricey.

Marilyn has just let me know, that she was able to get a pack of 5 A6 notebooks for $8.98(US) and a pack of 5 A5 notebooks for $11.50 (US).

from Amazon    - Search for A5 and A6 Notebooks  - Thank you so much Marilyn

A  beautiful, unique Gift!!

  • These very cute Notebook Covers are created AND joined in 3 Hooping’s.
  • Full alphabet for personalisation
  • No additional sewing required
  • Full Photo Instructions Included
  • 6x10 Hoop – A5 Notebook
  • 5x7 Hoop – A6 Notebook

Finished Size



A5 - 5.83 x 8.27 inches

A6 - 4.13 x 5.83  inches 


The Notebooks I used were hard cover – 200 pages



This design includes a mix of quilting and decorative stitches - you can choose to quilt each piece,

or showcase a special fabric.  Add your own designs as you wish



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