Blank Coaster

Blank Coaster

Blank Coaster

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After we released our Poppy and Pumpkin Coasters, so many of you asked me to release a ‘Blank’ Coaster that you could add your own designs to.

While testing the designs, the ‘blank’ coaster looked a little boring, so I decided to use some pretty fabric in the centre, and realised these ‘blank’ coasters are perfect for showcasing a special fabric.

These simple Coasters are made completely in-the-hoop – no hand sewing required.

Finished Size:


8x8 Hoop

Just under 8x8 inches


6x6 Hoop

Just under 6x6 inches


5x5 Hoop

Just under 5x5 inches

The ‘white space’ is the perfect spot for you to add your own Monogram,

wording or inspiration for a personal Gift. 

You can add a Ribbon in the final step and make a Wall Hanging,

or, when finished, you can add stuffing and make a very cute

Pin Cushion or small Cushion.

Debbie Blank Coasters

We think Debbie did a much better job with our Blank Coasters - in fact she inspired a Blog

Click here to read - What a difference Fabric makes - perfect for this design!

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