Large Crazy Patch Heart

Large Crazy Patch Heart
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Our Crazy Patch Heart is created and joined completely in-the-hoop.

                • 5X7 Hoop makes an  8X10 inch Heart
                • 6X10 Hoop makes a 10.5X12.5 inch Heart


The Design Set Includes:

            • Two Styles – One Fabric and Crazy Patch (Multiple Fabrics)
            • Two Wording Options – Love and Love You Always
            • Two Hoop Sizes – 5X7and 6X10


We initially created the Heart, with the idea of making a Valentines Placemat, but we ended up with so much more

        • Wall Hanging
        • Cushion Applique
        • A Stunning Ring Cushion
        • (You could even add a back to our ‘wall hanging’ to make a gorgeous wedding bag)

How beautiful is this?

Shelley writes "I was inspired to make the crazy patch heart as soon as I saw the photo of my granddaughter- the colours in that photo were my inspiration"


Here is Kim's beautiful Heart

In the hoop crazy patch heart

Our Darling Darina created this heart for Mia to go with her Quilt

Darina Crazy Patch heart

I'm loving Anita's white satin heart

In the hoop valentines heart


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