Large Crazy Patch Heart

Large Crazy Patch Heart

Large Crazy Patch Heart

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Our Crazy Patch Heart is created and joined completely in-the-hoop.

        • 5X7 Hoop makes an  8X10 inch Heart
        • 6X10 Hoop makes a 10.5X12.5 inch Heart


The Design Set Includes:

        • Two Styles – One Fabric and Crazy Patch (Multiple Fabrics)
        • Two Wording Options – Love and Love You Always
        • Two Hoop Sizes – 5X7and 6X10


We initially created the Heart, with the idea of making a Valentines Placemat, but we ended up with so much more

        • Wall Hanging
        • Cushion Applique
        • A Stunning Ring Cushion
        • (You could even add a back to our ‘wall hanging’ to make a gorgeous wedding bag)

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