Floral Heart Cuties

Floral Heart Cuties

Floral Heart Cuties

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This set has been a pleasure to digitise, and is yet another one of my favourites.  The very versatile set (5x7 hoop required) includes 8 designs with the floral hearts and cute animals, plus the 8 hearts by themselves. 

I can see some very cute pillowcases and /or cushions for little kids rooms - you could put an animal design on the front, then add the childs name to the heart design and use that for the back.  Cat and Dog lovers will enjoy the cat and dog designs, while the very tired bunny could be used for your easter projects - delivering easter eggs is hard work!!  The Lion could be "just li-on' around", while the monkey could be used with the wording "even monkeys sleep!".

The floral hearts by themselves will be perfect for using with monograms for a favourite friend.

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