In-the-hoop Kiwi and Koala

In-the-hoop Kiwi and Koala
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These super cute Stuffed Toys are so quick and easy to make (I’m not sure why I haven’t made them before).  Once you have stuffed your toy, there is a small amount of hand-sewing to shut the gap.

We used scraps of fur fabric, but you easily use fleece or flannel instead – you do need felt for the kiwi feet

You can create the toys with or without the chest panel – although the plain chest panel is so perfect for personalisation – using a cotton or felt fabric for the panel, stops any worry about stitching over fur.

I have included the Silver Fern on all 3 sizes of the Kiwi, but the Aussie –Aussie- Aussie is for 6x10 and 8x10 KOALA only.

My girls are beside themselves, and are making HUGE plans for my next set of Stuffed Toys!!

Finished Size






Just under 5X7 inch

Just under 6X9 inch

Just under 7x10 inch


Just over 5X7 inch

Just over 6X9 inch

Just over 7X10 inch

How cute is this Kiwi, Joanne made, and shared in our Kreative Kiwi Facebook Group

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