Beautiful Ballerinas

Beautiful Ballerinas
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I love this set - it was an absolute pleasure watching each design stitchout!.  The 9 5x7 hoop designs are perfect to use on quilts (watch this space), or for a tote bag for budding ballerinas, or would be really nice on their own as a centre piece for a very cute cushion for a little girls room.



Isn't Jeanette's work stunning!!  

Ballerina Cushions

How beautiful is this Ballerina Quilt 

Thanks for sharing Toni

Ballerina Quilt

And another stunning Ballerina Quilt from Debbie

Debbie Ballerina Quilt

Liz created this amazing Ballerina Quilt

Machine embroidery ballerina quilt

Geri stitched this stunning Ballerina Quilt

Ballerina Machine Embroidery Quilt


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